Tampa Talent: Anne Sophie, Your Next Favorite Realtor

You might have seen her on your Facebook or Instagram timeline showing houses or inspiring you to take the next major step. Either way, she is doing her thing, which is why she’s this month’s Tampa Talent! Meet Anne Sophie, your next favorite Realtor 😉.


Miss Anne recently became a member of the EXIT Bayshore Realty as a promising realtor in the Tampa Bay area. She has always worked on the backend of real estate as an accountant, which is what she majored in while at the University of South Florida (USF). Even though she loved her job working with numbers, Anne wanted to connect with people firsthand.

 “That part of the real estate industry just didn’t excite me anymore,” said Sophie “I always wondered what it would be like to be on the other side.”

This is one of the lovely homes Anne showed this month. She has the connections her clients need to get situated in highly desirable areas like South Tampa.

This is one of the lovely homes Anne showed this month. She has the connections her clients need to get situated in highly desirable areas like South Tampa.

 More than anything, Anne wanted to engage with the people she helped, rather than just manage the financials of properties in her portfolio . Creating relationships and networking in such a fast pace market also excited her. So, with a risky goal and solid plan at hand, she quit her reliable job as an accountant and decided to work hard for herself in the competitive world of real estate. I asked Anne a couple of questions about her experience so far:

Open floor plans? Yes please 😍. This is the inside of that same blue lovely home Anne showed earlier this month.

Open floor plans? Yes please 😍. This is the inside of that same blue lovely home Anne showed earlier this month.

What is your favorite part about being a realtor?

I’m always connecting with other people and it’s more than just selling a house. There are many different steps people take before purchasing properties and my job is to empower people by educating them on the process, as well as sharing my trusted resources and contacts with them. My favorite part of my work is negotiating and fighting for my client’s best interest!

What is the most difficult part of your new job?

I wouldn’t say this is the most difficult part, but what can be a challenge for most is time management. In my previous career choice, I could rely on my employer to hold me accountable. There was a time I had to be at work and a time I had to leave. Now, everything is in my hands. It is my job to put together a schedule that make effective use of my time.  I must be very careful to build a schedule that is well balanced with not only work, but a little bit of rest and play to keep sane. I am not just an employee anymore but a business owner. It is imperative that I  manage my time wisely. Every hour counts! 

What was the scariest part about quitting your job to pursue your goals?

  Most would expect me to say my finances, but I created a plan and saved up for this big change. If I didn’t have a plan, the scenario would be different and bit more stressful.

A changing market can also be kind of intimidating, but I take courses to help keep me sharp and ahead of the curve so there’s nothing to fear. 

What do you think about this trendy flip and sale business among millennials?

It’s refreshing to see young people more involved in real estate but as market conditions change, there may be less opportunities to get a bigger return with flipping homes. What's also currently super trendy with millennials is investing in rental properties. In cities like Miami and Atlanta, many use their properties for short term rental like airbnb.

Her world outside of Real Estate

As a USF alumna, Anne likes to think her experience with student organizations like FACES Modeling Troupe, INC. helped build her confidence, which sharpened the networking skills she uses now. This explains why Anne encourages all college students to get involved with student organizations, even if it’s just for the structure. She believes the self-discipline you learn from college experiences managing school work and student org involvement will help you be better professional overall.

Anne is also a part time makeup artist! This girl is unstoppable 🤗

Anne is also a part time makeup artist! This girl is unstoppable 🤗

Besides her real estate career, Anne is a makeup artist (@beautybeatbyanne) and her looks are bomb! She specializes in glowy/dewy looks that flatter your natural beauty. Since she is so focused on her new career path, Anne takes a few clients based on her availability (mostly weekends, if possible). I couldn’t imagine taking clients on full time, while also working the busy life of a realtor. So, if you like her work, try to contact her way in advance!


How does this young entrepreneur manage to feel, look and be her best? Aside from taking herself on regular dates, Anne invests a lot into self-care. Whether it be a day at the spa, shopping or getting her nails/hair done, she likes to take care of herself by treating herself.

“I’m a big advocate of self-care,” said Anne, “sometimes you need to be selfish and pour energy into yourself before you can even begin to do anything for anyone else.”

Anne also likes looking her best because it makes her feel powerful! Her appearance plays a major role in her performance as a realtor Columbus State University did a study that suggests your appearance as a realestate agent is partially responsible for whether you land a new client or not.

“Before I leave the house, I like to feel like I’m that girl, and no one can tell me otherwise” said Anne.


Her must have makeup item is her Fenty lip-gloss and some concealer. She doesn’t like leaving the house without applying at least one of them. I absolutely love the Fenty universal lip-gloss so I know how she feels about that one lol.

I met Anne while attending USF. We both had just became members of the National Negro of Council Women (NCNW) and I remember seeing another Haitian girl I could talk to, and that’s always exciting 🤗. We’ve gotten along ever since! She’s something like a fairy-god friend. You know how you see a fellow boss doing her thing but ya’ll haven’t established a concrete relationship? But you connect to her on a bad bish level? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Anne lol. Her confidence is contagious, and her determination cannot be denied! I also connect with her on a professional level because her tunnel vision is clear. I love seeing other women use their talents to help others, which is why Anne is my Tampa Talent of the month!

Looking to get a new house, apartment or property? You can contact Anne for your real estate needs via email or IG: @homeswithannesophie

Need your makeup done? She’s got you with that too boo! @beautybeatbyanne