Date Night/Holiday Makeup!

Hey ladies! How you feelin, how you lookin? 👀🙆🏽‍♀️


I feel pretty good considering what kind of year I’ve had. Lots of ups and downs but that’s what life is: trying to balance the highs and the lows. Makeup helps keep my mind right, so here’s the tea on this weekend’s Christmas date night look.

First off, let me just say I rarely end up with the eye makeup I go for lol. I get inspired and use certain elements from the original look but, I always end up adding my own flair to things (most likely because I messed up 😂) Half of the time idk what I’m doing until it’s done, and this was one of those looks lol. 

 First up....



Ok, let’s break this down into 4 main parts and what I used on each: my crease, my outer corner, my eyelid and my inner corner. 

Crease = One tan shade from the Nubian Palette and two darker colors from the Warrior II Palette pictured below:


Outer Corner = 2 different colors from the Warrior II palette seen below:


Eyelid = 1 shade from the Jaclyn Hill and 2 shades from Nubian Queen palette below: 


Another significant element to almost every look are my eyelash extensions. I don’t understand what I’m doing if they’re not part of my glam look lol. False lashes (aka falsies) just take you from “I’m trying” to “New Bish, who dis 🌚”. Don’t debate me lol. 

The eyelashes I used for this look cost $10 at @ melaninheritage  .

The eyelashes I used for this look cost $10 at @melaninheritage .


I was gifted a fabulous pair by @melaninheritage, which turned out perfect for this look. 

What I like about the “ESHE” lashes: 

  • The band is not too thick but it’s thick enough to hold the glue, and sit tight on my lash line.  
  • The hair on these lashes seem more lightweight than most.
  • Melanin Heritage is a Black-owned business. 

Check out their page on IG or go to the Melanin Heritage website for more info on how to get your hands on these babies!

Last but not least... 



To get this popular red ombré lip, I used two Matt lipsticks: “Stunna” Lip Paint by Fenty Beauty & “LAX” by Colourpop Cosmetics (it’s only $4 on their website as of 12/18/18). 


I couldn’t find my dark lip liner so I just used the darker lipstick to line my lips, and then I put a small amount of the bright red lipstick in the middle. I then rub my lips together so the harsh lines blended into one another for a nice ombré effect. 

Overall, I really loved this look because it was the first time I was able to actually sit down and do my makeup in peace in a while . I’m usually helping my bf chase around our son when I’m free. Shout out to my line sister for taking Junior for the day! You a real one. 💙


Not to mention, date night was lovely. My bf and I saw Creed II, which was surprisingly pretty good. Hopefully, this holiday makeup review will inspire your next Christmas slay. Remember, things don’t always have to be a certain way to work for you. Everyone is different so just try and see what you get.


As always...feel your best + look your best = be your best 💫  #lookexquizite